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P/N 8540 (left or top) includes a deluxe 5400-CNC mill, 3 stepper motors, computer and software. The upgraded P/N 8020 (right or bottom) is similar except for the substitution of the 8-direction model 2000 mill in place of the 5400.
  Included with the Sherline system are the following components  
Your choice of model 5400 or model 2000 mill fitted with stepper motor mounts and couplers on X, Y and Z axes
3 Stepper motors pre-wired with plugs—no soldering or wiring required on your part...just plug and play
Drivers, 6.5 amp, 24 volt power supply and cables installed inside computer box for 4 axes: X, Y, Z and A
New computer* with Linux OS and EMC 4-axis CNC software pre-installed on hard drive—eliminates installation headaches and compatibility problems.
Backup CD's with Linux, EMC and complete instructions by Joe Martin in MSWord.doc, .html and .pdf formats. Includes free utilities to translate CAD files into g-code and two free Linux-based CAD programs to choose from—QCad and Synergy.
1 year warranty on all components for non-production use
*NOTE: Systems without computers and CNC upgrades for those who already have a mill or lathe are also available.