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  Medium Duty Lathe Machine  
Model   MD –1* MD-2 MD-3 MD-4
Bed Length mm/feet 1065/3-5 1375/4-5 1600/5.25 1825/6
Admit Between center mm 215 525 750 975
Weight (Approx.) kg. 560 630 670 700
Dimension (Approx.) (L X W X H) 1300X700X1460 1600X700X1460 1825X700X1460 2050X700X1460
  *Only available in gap less model  
  Detail Technical specification for all models are as under  
Bed width mm/Inch 280/11
Bed type V/Flate 2/2
Gap length mm 120
Gap length in front of face plate mm 150
Height of center mm/Inch 215/8.5
Swing over bed mm 430
Swing over cross slide mm 250
Swing over gap mm 670
Cross Slide Travel mm 245
Compound slide travel mm 140
Tool Shank section max mm 22
Main spindle    
Spindle nose Dia mm  
Spindle nose Dia mm  
Spindle Bore mm/Inch  
Spindle speed No  
Spindle range RPM  
Spindle drive’V’ Belt Sec-Size  
Spindle Motor Power HP/kw  
Tail stock    
Quill dia mm 50.8
Quill stroke mm 125
Taper in Quill MT 4
Thread Cutting Metric pitch Nos./mm 13/1 to 6
Thread Cutting English No.s/TPI 19/2 to 24
Lead Screw Dia mm/TPI 31.5/4
Standard Feature    
Change Gear Set (Inch & mm), Dead center (2 nos), Centre Adaptor, Chuck flange, Tool Post key, Motor Pulley.